Cayuga Duck

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This duck breed developed from a pair of wild ducks that a miller found on his pond in 1809. Later, descendents of those birds were brought to Cayuga County, New York, where they quickly gained popularity as table birds and for their ability to lay many eggs. Although it is difficult to clean and prepare due to its dark feathers, the meat is intensely flavorful. Cayuga duck eggs can be used for general eating and baking purposes and the whites are firmer than chicken eggs. The bird was a leading commercial variety until the 1890's, when the Peking duck started to dominate duck markets in big cities. Today, the bird is classified as "threatened" on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy list.

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Silver Forge Farm

  Manalapan, NJ    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

A small-scale family farm in Central New Jersey offering vegetables and free range eggs. We use sustainable practices to grow food for our family and yours. Shares are NOW AVAILABLE for 2017 which will include pasture raised eggs, organic vegetables and fruits. Please visit our website for more information. (more...)

Schueller Family Farm

  Sturtevant, WI

We are a small family farm in Yorkville Wisconsin that is interested in growing healthy wholesome food for our family and yours. We are currently offering goats for meat or pets. Like lamb try goat!! (more...)

Sanctuary Hollow Farm

  Volga, WV

I love dairy goats and all they have to offer. Through farm events and workshops, herd shares, and community inaction promotion of dairy goats is my focus. As part of educating the public about the joys of dairy goats and working to expand my local dairy 4-H program.(more...)

Rockin' H Farm

  Statham, GA

We are a small farm in Statham, GA that just doubled in size to 20 acres! We are dedicated to sustainability through Heritage Breeds, Natural Farming, and Building Community. We currently have available for our community: Farm fresh duck and chicken eggs Heritage Silver Fox rabbit Pastured heritage Ancona duck (more...)

Red Rosa Farm

  Spencer, IN

Nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana, our historic farm homestead is now home to over 100 beautiful alpacas as well as our naturally-tended gardens and orchards. We specialize in garlic along with a variety of other produce, all as lovingly tended as our alpaca friends. (more...)