White Sonora Wheat

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White Sonora Wheat is a soft, round-grained winter wheat with pale red grains that grow on beardless heads. The glutinous white flour makes stretchable dough suited to large tortillas, instrumental in the development of Borderlands cuisine, and its wheat berries were used for pinole and posole. Up through the Civil War, this variety provided most West Coast residents with their flour. Today, the White Sonora wheat tradition only persists in a few rural areas of northern Sonora, southern Arizona and central California.

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Viriditas Farm

  Brooks, CA

In 2001 I met Monica Spiller and began growing the heirloom wheat named Sonora that she revived. I have grown it every year since on my CCOF certified organic farm In the Capay Valley in N CA. I offer whole berries in 25 lb bags and also superfine and medium grinds on my Austrian Stone mill- milled fresh to order. (more...)

Terroir Seeds LLC/Underwood Gardens

  Chino Valley, AZ

We are Cindy and Stephen Scott, owners of Terroir Seeds and the home of Underwood Gardens, known for a fine selection of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. The concept of Terroir and Seeds is not a new one, but rather one that has been growing and gaining ground in the past several years. Terroir in its most basic translation is soil. (more...)

Sugarfoot Farms

  Conway, SC

Sugarfoot Farms is a third-generation family farm. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals and use only sustainable methods of controlling weeds, pests, and diseases. (more...)

Prairie Heritage Farm

  Power, MT

Prairie Heritage Farm is a diversified organic farm in central Montana, where the mountains meet the prairie. The Farm is run and managed by the husband-and-wife team of Jacob and Courtney Cowgill, two native Montanans returning to their central Montana roots. We're located near the small town of Power. (more...)


  Waddell, AZ

Janna Anderson grows sustainably on 40 acres in Waddell and Organically in Laveen on my 7 acre orchard purchased in 2011. Since I bought the abandonded little adobe section house from Phoenix's historic 1930's farming past, I have enjoyed redeveloping the property which was once a citrus orchard and turning it back into agricultural use. (more...)

Pairie Vews

  Chapman, KS

Our micro farm is on a mission to provide a diversity of delicious vegetables and flowers to our community through the Farmers Markets, local restaurants, and stores. We utilize bee and wildlife friendly methods, biodiversity, nutrient-dense farming, and soil health enhancement. (more...)