Roman Taffy Candy

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In the 1890s this confection was produced and sold in New Orleans by Sam Cortese, the original Roman Taffy Man. Sam‚??s business was predominately selling fruits and vegetables from a goat-drawn cart, until the wonderful taste of his taffy‚??made by his mother using a secret Sicilian family recipe‚??caught on. By 1915, Sam‚??s taffy became a New Orleans hit and he had a special cart created just for the business, a candy store on wheels. Originally, taffy was used as an avenue for people to keep their teeth clean. Now, it is a savory treat that has become New Orleans‚?? signatu

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The Poultry Hatchery

  Clifton Springs, NY

The Poultry Hatchery is the areas leading producer of pasture raised poultry, day old chicks, started laying hens, and over 285 breeds of heritage & rare poultry. We raise all breeds of chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck, geese, freedom rangers, Cornish cross broilers, & more. (more...)