Creole Cream Cheese

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This versatile cheese is a key part of the vibrant New Orleans culinary tradition, one that dates back to the region's first French settlers. Equally appealing as either a savory accompaniment or a sweet, this soft, spreadable cheese tastes somewhere between ricotta and creme fraiche, with a hint of buttermilk underneath. Creole Cream Cheese is customarily served with a sprinkle of sugar, mixed with fresh fruit or spread on brea

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The Abbey Farm

  Estacada, OR

The Abbey Farm at Delph Ridge is dedicated to local, sustainable farming practices and the myriad of social benefits that come from a community food system. Since taking ownership of our farm, we have begun the long and arduous process of revitalizing a property that was once a mixed use farm in the classic, homestead sense. (more...)

Sanctuary Hollow Farm

  Volga, WV

I love dairy goats and all they have to offer. Through farm events and workshops, herd shares, and community inaction promotion of dairy goats is my focus. As part of educating the public about the joys of dairy goats and working to expand my local dairy 4-H program.(more...)

Hopeton Farm

  Parksley, VA

Whole diet farm offering dairy, eggs, meats and vegetables. Family owned and operated since 2002.... but we have only been in the business of selling what we produce since 2010. (more...)

Firesign Family Farm

  Whitmore Lake, MI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Firesign Family Farm raises a variety of meat animals in an ethical, natural environment, adhering to the principles of organic and bio-diverse farming. We maintain a production flock of Icelandic sheep and on occasion have breeding stock and fleeces for sale. (more...)