Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato

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Aunt Ruby's German Green TomatoThe Aunt's Ruby's German Green is a sweet juicy tomato with a piquant bite. The heirloom is a large beefsteak type tomato that is a pale green color with a hint of yellow striping. The large tomato often weighs one pound or more. Aunt Ruby's German Green has the wetness of a melon and can give a deep flavor explosion. It is generally used in salads, but is also a wonderful tomato to fry.

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2 Hill Farm

  Ellenwood, GA

2 Hill Farm is formally TaylOrganic farm and is a family-owned and operated farm just southeast of the Atlanta perimeter in Henry county, Georgia. Neil and Marcia Taylor, along with dedicated local workers, grow some of the finest southern vegetables, figs, and berries in the southeast. (more...)

"The Farm"

  Southold, NY

"The Farm" grows all produce from seed using biodynamic practices which attract positive cosmic forces to the soil and the plants. Everything is grown in double dug raised beds fertilized using biodynamic compost made at "The Farm. We believe that healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy people. (more...)