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Datil PepperMost visitors to St. Augustine, Florida have never heard of St. Augustine's most beloved treasure, the Datil pepper, but it has been the centerpiece of Old Florida cuisine since the 1800s. The plant typically grows to be around one to two and a half feet tall and bears elongated yellow/orange colored peppers. The plant takes about five months to mature and has been affected by pepper weevils and adverse weather conditions.

Today, a handful of families who trace their heritage to the original Minorcan settlers continue to grow the pepper and make unique products with them. The pepper's bright, fruity flavor is well suited to hot-sauces and spice mixes. The McQuaigs, who own Minorcan Datil Pepper Products Company are one such family. Their line of Datil products includes a spice mix, a mustard, a BBQ sauce and their top-seller—a hot sacue that is sweet, tangy and spicy all at the same time.

Datil PepperThe greatest challenge facing the McQuaigs and other small-scale Datil pepper product producers is the low quantity of peppers produced, since almost all production is centered around St. Augustine. The hurricanes and floods of recent years have been a considerable detriment to production and only a handful of farmers can meet commercial demand. Locals, however, continue to grow the pepper in their gardens and use it to make various hot sauces and other dishes like chicken pirlau and Minorcan clam chowder. Bottles of vinegar infused with Datil peppers can often be found on the tables of many local eateries.

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Cobinsteinz Farm

  Bucyrus, KS

We grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, artisan squash, melons, watermelons, eggplant, corn, artisan pole beans, and okra. We specialize in heirloom / heritage and unique varieties. (more...)

Cherry Valley Cooperative Farm

  Princeton, NJ

Cherry Valley Cooperative is a collaboration of farmers, chefs, innovators, students, artists, and wellness professionals with the shared vision of celebrating our connection to nature and building community centered around local food and ecological health. (more...)

Cherokee Creek Farm

  Madison, FL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Or farm is named in honor of our Native American heritage (Cherokee and Creek). We maintain 100 acres as a wildlife sanctuary and farm a small area. With the addition of an eight foot fence around our farm area, we are able to live in harmony with our animal friends. (more...)

Blue Leg Farms

  Santa Rosa, CA

Blue Leg Farms is a small, sustainable, certified organic farm located in Santa Rosa, CA. In 2014, Blue Leg Farms made its debut on the Sonoma County farmers market scene, offering sustainably produced seasonal produce, and cut flowers. (more...)

Biota Gardens

  Concord, CA

Biota Gardens is a micro grower of edible open pollinated and heirloom plants, such as heirloom tomatoes, peppers, herbs and other edibles for your summer garden. We wish to grow a strong community of gardeners who share the joy of playing in the soil and eating great food from just outside our doors.(more...)

Belton Veggie Guys

  Belton, TX

We are a small family farm that grows produce using natural methods. You can find us at local farmers markets with a variety of vegetables. We grow 100 different types of peppers. Follow us on Facebook to find out what is in season and the farmers markets where you can find us. We do NOT use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. (more...)