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Dominique ChickenWhile the Dominique chicken breed looks similar to the Plymouth Rock breed—both have black and white barring over the entire body—the former is a moderate sized bird with a distinguishing rose comb (the comb is flat and flower-like). The Dominique's heavy plumage protects the bird in cold weather and is used commercially as material for pillows and featherbeds.

Developed from introduced breeds from early New England settlements, the Dominique chicken was widely distributed across the eastern US by mid-19th century. The Dominique chicken is hardy, does well on the open range as well as in confinement, and is generally a calm bird. As a dual purpose bird, the hens lay light to dark brown eggs.

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State of Harmony Farm

  Sanford, FL

We Are A Local Farm Using Organic Pratices. No Pesticides, No Chemicals, No GMO's. We grow a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as herbs (culinary and medicinal). We have over 50 pastured chickens for eggs and also raise meat chickens. We have several heritage turkeys and always have some available for Thanksgiving. (more...)

Stalwart Stock

  Live oak, FL

The focus of the farm is breeding endangered, heritage livestock utilizing zero chemical, minimal human inputs and a polyherd-ranching style to promote natural habits on pasture. Raw cow dairy, raw goat dairy, chicken eggs, ducks eggs and heritage breeding stock are also offered for sale. (more...)

Southern Heirloom Acres

  Kershaw, SC    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are a small family own poultry farm that specializes in ducks and geese. Our ducks and geese are free range and pasture raised. Currently our focus is upon duck and goose eggs. In the future we plan to expand into duck and goose meat. We currently have a layer flock of around 150 birds and plan to continue to expand our flock. (more...)

Soos Creek Farm

  Kent, WA

CSA, produce stand, u-pick, farm classes, and community events. (more...)


  Nauvoo, AL

Custom growing CSA type farm; slow money, slow food; heritage breeds. We're offering farm shares to serve food choices with produce, meats, and possibly other items as they mature - nuts, berries, fruit. (more...)

Skipper Farms

  Virginia Beach, VA

NOW Accepting new CSA members for our 2018 SUMMER CSA to start June 16, 2018.----Skipper Farms offers a full line of naturally grown local fresh fruits and vegetables in our markets. We are especially known for the best homegrown tomatoes and cantaloupes. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We also supply many other local area farm stands. (more...)