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Dominique ChickenWhile the Dominique chicken breed looks similar to the Plymouth Rock breed—both have black and white barring over the entire body—the former is a moderate sized bird with a distinguishing rose comb (the comb is flat and flower-like). The Dominique's heavy plumage protects the bird in cold weather and is used commercially as material for pillows and featherbeds.

Developed from introduced breeds from early New England settlements, the Dominique chicken was widely distributed across the eastern US by mid-19th century. The Dominique chicken is hardy, does well on the open range as well as in confinement, and is generally a calm bird. As a dual purpose bird, the hens lay light to dark brown eggs.

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Romney Farmer's Market

  Romney, WV

The Romney Farmers Market is held on Saturday mornings from 8 AM - 12 Noon at the Bottling Works, 426 East Main Street, Romney WV. Local farms sell fresh produce during the market season which generally runs from mid- May until mid - October. (more...)

Restless Heart Ranch

  Aromas, CA

Welcome to Restless Heart Ranch! We raise pastured meat and egg laying chickens with care and conscience in Aromas, CA. Our layers are a mixed flock of heritage, traditional, and hybrid breeds, and each one offers a unique trait for egg production, egg color, foraging, and temperament. They have 2 acres of grass to roam each day. (more...)

Reeder Farms LLC

  Easton, PA

Reeder Farms owners, Russell and Naydene Reeder, are proud of their ancestry and their ties to the farming community that has been part of Russell's family for eight plus generations. This passion is seen in the quality of the produce that is harvested from their fields each year. Growing Great taste through the generations. (more...)

Rayburne Ridge Farm

  Laurens, SC

Rayburne Ridge Farm is dedicated to continue the tradition of small,local farmers.It has been a family owned farm since 1995. We have organically grown u-pick blueberries that will be ready in June. We will have some seasonal vegetables for picking as well. (more...)

Raven Feathers Farm

  Oakland, OR

The mission of Raven's Haven is to provide shelter, food and care for all creatures - be they feathered, furry or human. We do this in unity with others of like mind and spirit whom have inspired us to grow, stretch and live to our absolutely fullest. Eggs are food. In a time when (more...)