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Dominique ChickenWhile the Dominique chicken breed looks similar to the Plymouth Rock breed—both have black and white barring over the entire body—the former is a moderate sized bird with a distinguishing rose comb (the comb is flat and flower-like). The Dominique's heavy plumage protects the bird in cold weather and is used commercially as material for pillows and featherbeds.

Developed from introduced breeds from early New England settlements, the Dominique chicken was widely distributed across the eastern US by mid-19th century. The Dominique chicken is hardy, does well on the open range as well as in confinement, and is generally a calm bird. As a dual purpose bird, the hens lay light to dark brown eggs.

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Simple Harvest Farm Organics

  Nerstrand, MN

Simple Harvest Farm Organics is an omnivore food farm. We do NOT use any chemicals, drugs, GMOs, etc., on any of our bees, livestock, crops, produce, land, water. We only feed certified organic grains, pasture, hay -- when we feed our bees, even they get only certified organic sugar for their syrup! (more...)

Serenity Farm

  Murrieta, CA

Welcome to Serenity Farm. We are a small Livestock and Produce farm located in the picturesque Santa Rosa Rancho's area of Murrieta. With our higher elevation and unique micro climate we are able to grow produce 3 seasons out of the year and have some unique heirloom varieties that people are coming to love! (more...)

Serenbe Farms

  Palmetto, GA

Now taking sign-ups for our 2016 CSA program. Serenbe Farms is an intensive 8-acre certified organic, diversified farm located in Chattahoochee Hills, GA, just 30 miles south of Atlanta, GA. We grow over 50 different vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs in over 300 different varieties. (more...)

School Of Our Lady, Queen Of Peace & Reconciliation

  Mt. Solon, VA

Farm has been in operation since 1998, began at Farmer's Market in 2001. Started, but did not complete organic certification. In the early years, we were fortunate to have received mentoring by Joel Salatin, particularly in butchering chickens. In 2013, a hybrid school was begun and expanded to be a Montessori-based farm school. . (more...)

Sapelo Farms

  Silver Creek, GA

400 acres of working land in the heart of northern Georgia, Sapelo Farms is a mixture of wooded areas, gently flowing creeks, and pasture land. We raise Santa Gertrudis cattle and Spanish influenced meat goats. We tend the land as we have been taught for generation: with respect, reverence and care. (more...)

Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm


Our farm-to-table restaurant right on our 100 acre farm serves up the farm's bounty every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week. Sunday Brunch always features live music. Certified 100% grass fed Longhorn cows, Jersey dairy cows, organically-raised and pastured Red Wattle pigs, and pastured Australorp chickens are rare heritage breeds. (more...)