German Pink Tomato

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German Pink TomatoThe German pink tomato is a Bavarian variety that is currently grown in Festina, Iowa. The plants produce large 1-2 pound meaty fruits with few seeds. The German Pink tomato has a full sweet flavor, even floral, and it is tender skinned. The tomato is an extremely versatile fruit, as it is excellent for canning and freezing but also slicing and juicing.

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A Fresh and Local CSA

  Shepherdstown, WV

Local is best, but Fresh AND Local is even better! Biodynamically grown vegetable shares are available for the 2018 season. Details are on our website at (more...)

3 Winds Farm

  Manteno, IL

We raise all-natural, sustainably managed produce and herbs and heritage breed Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs. Our pigs are pasture raised and forage on naturally managed ground. Our pork is fed natural spent grains from our local brewery year round and local walnuts and acorns in the Fall. (more...)

3 Fiddles Farm

  Bozeman, MT

At 3 Fiddles Farm, we believe that everyone deserves fresh, local, chemical free, tasty, and healthy food. The healthiest and most delicious food comes from healthy soil, and the land we have been leasing the past decade has incredibly fertile soil. (more...)

2 Hill Farm

  Ellenwood, GA

2 Hill Farm is formally TaylOrganic farm and is a family-owned and operated farm just southeast of the Atlanta perimeter in Henry county, Georgia. Neil and Marcia Taylor, along with dedicated local workers, grow some of the finest southern vegetables, figs, and berries in the southeast. (more...)