Inchelium Red Garlic

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Inchelium Red GarlicHailing from the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium, Washington, this garlic is a large and beautiful artichoke variety. The dense bulb, can have anywhere from 9-20 cloves and an outer bulb wrapper that is thick for the purpose of protecting the bulb. The flavor of the Inchelium Red is softly robust but not so strong as to be overwhelming; the flavor often sharpens in storage.

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Annies Garlic

  Canton, NY

In 2005, I turned a family tradition of growing garlic into Annie's Garlic. (more...)

Amyo Farms

  Albuquerque, NM

Amyo Farms is a small family owned and operated farm, with plots in Bosque Farms and Albuquerque. We specialize in high quality produce, picked at the peak of flavor and handled with the utmost of care. We don't use pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified seeds. We also grow seed for Epic Seeds LLC, (more...)

Amy's Meats at the Homestead

  Lawrence, KS

Eat Healthy and TRUST the People you buy from! Support Local whenever you can! We are a small family homestead, naturally caring for and raising our livestock. We've got Jersey milk cow's, beef cows, sheep, pigs and chickens, a large heirloom garden and are trying to produce everything we eat all the while trying to share it with you! (more...)

Ambrosia Orchard

  Withee, WI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are dedicated to growing naturally on our small family farm. Also visit us at Member of Sustainable Farming Association. Direct and internet sales of gourmet garlic and other produce. We also offer U-Pick fruits on site. Rare and hard to find garlics by special arrangement. (more...)

Allicins Ranch

  Moyie Springs, ID    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Our farm is named after the the chemical compound allicin, which is responsible for the broad based anti-bacterial properties found in garlic. We truly believe that we are not only growing great food, but medicine as well. (more...)

47th Avenue Farm

  Portland, OR

Veggies for Cooks!! We are one of the oldest urban farms in the Portland metro area. Since starting the farm 19 years ago we have been dedicated to growing the highest quality produce possible for our CSA members and award winning local restaurants. Join our CSA and get great tasting healthy produce for your family!! (more...)