Mayflower Bean

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Mayflower BeanThe Mayflower arrived in the US in the 1620s, bringing with it the Mayflower bean. After its initial introduction to the Americas, the bean was widely circulated among the people of the Carolina region of the country. The Mayflower plant has short pods that hold the small, square shaped beans. The beans are a beautiful creamy color with dark-red specks.

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DeCamp Gardens

  Albion, IN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

The new year has arrived and we are prepping for another successful garden season. Organic seeds have been started and are growing very well. 80 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and 50 varieties of dry soup beans will be started soon. Our "Veggie Bin" Farm Store is open 9am - 6pm daily. (more...)

Belle Creek Farm

  Frederick, MD

Belle Creek Farm is a new, family owned farm just minutes away from downtown Frederick and Route 15. We sell pastured pork and poultry in season, eggs from heritage breeds and heirloom vegetables. It has long been our dream to become self-sufficient and live off our land in a healthy manner. (more...)