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PawpawThough the pawpaw is generally unknown to the American public, it is the largest edible fruit native to the US. The fruit is indigenous to 26 states from northern Florida to Maine and west to Nebraska. Fossil records indicate that the papaw's forebears established themselves in North America millions of years before the arrival of humans. American Indians extensively used the pawpaw and introduced it to European explorers. As a much loved fruit, European settlers named towns, creeks, and islands after the pawpaw. Today, pawpaws are primarily eaten in very rural areas, and most Americans only know of the fruit from the traditional folk song, "Way Down Yonder in the Paw Paw Patch."

The pawpaw plant is found most commonly near riverbanks and in the understory of the rich eastern US forests. The Pawpaw has a creamy, custard-like flesh with a tropical flavor, which is often described as a combination of mango, pineapple, and banana. More than 50 commercial nurseries market pawpaw seeds or trees in the US. The pawpaw Foundation at Kentucky State University is actively working to revive the fruit by promoting scientific research in the areas of pawpaw breeding, growing, managing, harvesting, and use.

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Sunflower Savannah

  Beaufort, MO

Sunflower Savannah is female farmed by Sam Wiseman w/a little help from her husband Bill. We farm about 10 acres of our 22 acre farm using natural methods and our animals to balance nature. Read about these methods on our website. We raise Specialty crops of Heirloom Veggies, tomatillos and Value Added Products from the previously listed. (more...)

Straight Creek Valley Farm

  Georgetown, OH

We are an off grid small farm focusing on raising honey bees and open polinated crops that provide forage for our bees. We also boil down maple sap into sweet local syrup, and during the summer sell crafts, honey, and garden produce at a stand at the farm. (more...)

Stoney Lonesome Farm

  Gainesville, VA

Stoney Lonesome is a family owned and operated farm in Gainesville, Va., thirty-five miles west of Washington D.C. Our farm landscape is an ideal setting for diversified food production; our gardens are surrounded by pasture, forest and ponds. We sustain our garden soil through crop rotation, composting, mineral amendments and straw mulch. (more...)

Stoney Hedgerow Farm

  Camden, OH

Stoney Hedgerow Farm - "A family farm, growing for your family." Now marketing at the Oxford Farmers Market, uptown Oxford, Ohio each week during the growing season. Farm features a wide assortment of vegetables & berries throughout the growing season, extended with the aid of high tunnels. (more...)

Stones Throw Farm

  Nedrow, NY

Located in South Onondaga were just a stones throw from most CNY communities. Were conveniently located just a short drive from Syracuse, Skaneateles, Marcellus, J-D, F-M, Lafayette, Tully, Camillus and most of CNY. (more...)

Stone Cloud Gardens Ltd.

  St. Johns, MI

I began farming at Stone Cloud Gardens in 1993. I began going to markets in 1994. My business has grown. I have learned. It is my hope that customers that come to Farmers Markets appreciate what is special about Market Gardening and... ASK THESE QUESTIONS..... Did you grow this? What variety is this? Why did you choose this variety? (more...)