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Tunis SheepIn 1799, the Tunis sheep's ancestors arrived in the United States from North Africa. These sheep are often described as "fat-tailed," and "barbary" and were highly regarded by a slew of prominent Americans such as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Judge Richard Peters, and George Washington. Gradually, a uniquely American breed was created from this North African variety. The name, Tunis, describes the animal's connection to its foundation stock in Tunisia.

Once it arrived in the US, the Tunis Sheep quickly spread throughout the mid-Atlantic and the southeast, as they were well adapted to the heat and humidity of these regions. The Tunis was the mainstay of sheep production in the upper South until the Civil War, when nearly all of the Southern stock was destroyed. The remaining stock was harbored in the north after the war, and the Great Lakes region and New England became the stronghold of the breed. In the last decade, the Tunis Sheep has had a resurgence in the Southeast, as it is considered a gem within American agricultural history.

The Tunis sheep is striking and attractive in appearance, with cream or ivory colored wool that is set nicely contrasted by a cinnamon-red face and legs. Their pendulous ears and expressive eyes give a quizzical aspect to their demeanor, which is correctly interpreted as calm and docile.

The meat from the Tunis sheep is tender and flavorful without having a strong mutton taste.

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Heather Ridge Farm

  Preston Hollow, NY

A working farm with an on-farm store and the Bees Knees Cafe! Great tasting meats and poultry! Our animals are lovingly raised in small groups without antibiotics or hormones on pastures without herbicides or pesticides. All grassfed beef, goat and lamb, heritage breed pastured pork, and pastured chicken, turkeys and eggs. (more...)

Habitat Farms

  Mansfield, GA

Habitat Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located east of Atlanta in Mansfield, GA. Practicing sustainable and organic farming methods, we raise pastured Berkshire Pork, pastured eggs, grass-fed lamb and seasonal produce. (more...)

Greenacres Farm

  Cincinnati, OH

Greenacres Farm raises 100% grass-fed and finished Black Angus cattle, grass-fed lamb, pasture and woodland raised Berkshire pork, and a variety of pastured poultry varieties within a symbiotic, pasture based production system. Greenacres Agriculture utilizes Positive Impact Farming. (more...)

Grass is Greener Meats and Produce

  Bremen, IN

Grass is Greener Meats and Produce is a small family farm focused on preserving heritage breeds. Our goal is to raise superb-tasting meat animals; many of which are listed on the SlowFood USA Arc of Taste. Our pastured pork is the Red Wattle and we sell by whole, half, and individual cuts. (more...)

Good & Able Farmstead

  Athens, TX

We're a new veteran-owned farm in Athens, Texas. We primarily raise heritage breeds: Red Wattle pigs, Tunis sheep, and Bourbon Red Turkeys. Our animals are raised on pasture and rotated as much as possible. Mostly grass-fed, but supplemented with Non-GMO, Soy-free feed as needed. Antibiotics are avoided as much as possible. (more...)

Fat Rooster Farm

  Royalton, VT

Nestled in the Upper Valley along Vermont's scenic White River, We are a diversified, certified organic farm, specializing in heirloom varieties of vegetables and heritage breeds of livestock. (more...)