Aunt Zorada Farm is a memorial to one of the best gardeners I ever knew growing up. Zorada and Archie Smith were hard working Hoosier farmers who gave their all to their family and produced some of the most beautiful crops, vegetables and flowers anyone had seen! She was my mother and I learned from her and emulate her teachings here on this small farm. Aunt Zorada is a vegetable, herb and flower farm set up for green market sales at the Oceanside Farmers Market in Vero Beach and Downtown Ft. Pierce Farmers Market. We also sell to local chefs searching for locally grown produce. Heirloom tomatoes, Kohlrabi, Kale, Arugula,sugary sweet red beets, and swiss chard are a few of the vegetables we like to grow. In the heat of the summer solar sterilization is set up on the preplanned beds. Planting begins at Labor Day for the winter season and the beds are recovered with plastic mulch and drip irrigation. Look for our produce at local markets October thru May.

Listing last updated on Aug 24, 2019

Aunt Zorada Farm is a livestock free farm. Other than wildlife wandering in or flying over no animal wastes or animal byproducts are used to feed our vegetables and fruit.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

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Work Req?  No

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Schedule and Location:

Vero Beach Oceanside Farmers Market, Humiston Beach. Saturday mornings 8:00 to 12:00

Downtown Ft. Pierce Farmers Market
Saturdays 8:00 to 12:00

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This farmer know his vegetables and takes the time to share his knowledge and is not afraid of trying new varieties. Grows several kinds of delicious tomatoes, tasty lettuce, beets, chard, onions, carrots etc and has the most beautiful sunflowers.... [more]

during a recent visit to Vero Beach we had the pleasure of meeting the grower Mark, and sampling his various crops. The tomatoes were the best we had ever tasted, and the lettuce was tender and flavorful. Amy N Chicago, Il

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