Bennington Beefalo is a family business located in the green hills of Wyoming County in Western New York State.

Beefalo, like their relatives, the American Bison naturally thrive on the grasses and various legumes found in our pastures. We try to provide as much green grass, fresh air and sunshine as possible to our animals by employing the practice of rotational grazing, thereby providing a fresh salad bar eating experience for them. We feel that this salad bar menu of grasses also helps to provide our meat with more flavor and nutrition than found in conventional grain fed, feed lot beef from the supermarkets. Our animals are raised without implants, antibiotics, hormones, and in most cases no grain feeding. Various studies have shown that Beefalo is higher in protien, lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than many other meats and poultry. It is tender and tasy and cooks in less time than regular beef with less shrinkage due to its lower fat content. Along with its great taste, grass fed meats have been shown to provide a more healthy ratio of omega 3 to 6 fatty acids and a higher CLA content, which all indications have shown to lead to a more healthy diet and life style.

We also make and sell all natural handcrafted soaps.

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Be supplied for the winter! Make plans now to fill your freezer. We are taking orders for fall processed grass fed Beefalo -- By the Half, Split Half, or 50 lb. Mini Pack

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Our meats are processed in a USDA Federally Inspected packing house. They are dry aged in a cooler for two weeks to promote tenderness and a good eating experience. They are then cut and wrapped to your specifications, frozen and ready for your freezer and eating enjoyment. Availabe by the side, split half or 50 lb. mini pack. Call for availability, prices and to place an order.

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I had never had "Beefalo" before, but I was interested in obtaining a sustainable, ethical, local meat source. I know I am a carnivore and am not Vegetarian material, but I often feel guilty about going to some anonymous supermarket and buying pre-packaged, mass-produced meat.... [more]

My husband and I have bought sides of beef for years from our local farmers. They were grain fed. This is the first time having meat from Bennington Beefalo and the meat is wonderful.... [more]

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