Granary Barn Raising & Corn Harvest/Shucking Party at Salamander Springs

Salamander Springs Farm: Permaculture Organics - Berea, Kentucky

A Kentucky State University grant is helping purchase a long-needed cornmeal mill plus some of lumber for a granary building at Salamander Springs Farm. This mill can be used for many kinds of flour, meal, groats, grits, etc., so folks in our community can fresh mill many types of grains!

The grant deadline requires the mill be used for this season's corn harvest, meaning the granary needs to be under roof soon! Since there's no place to house a mill in the small buildings I've built so far on the land (and the growing season allowed little time for construction) we're having a: Granary Raising & Corn Harvest/Husking Party! October 18-19 weekend at Salamander Springs Farm The work party will run 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday October 18th with an going potluck and a big bonfire in the evening. For those camping, a hot breakfast/brunch will be served Sunday morning! Folks will be helping raise the roof on Sunday as well. Bring food to share if you are able; but we'll have a big pot of Salamander Springs Farm beans, cornbread, sweet potatoes, squash...

What We'll Be Doing: We'll be finishing ceiling framing, raising rafters and the roofing metal for the granary barn. For those not up to carpentry work, some beautiful cornmeal corn is ready to harvest. We'll have an afternoon corn husking circle to shuck corn for drying in the corn crib and to select the best ears for seed. If you want to try out a 1904 model International Harvester corn sheller, there may be some popcorn left to shell; some of the cornmeal corn already harvested may also be dry enough. Folks can also help grind corn (with a hand mill) to make some fresh cornbread, squash or sweet potato dishes in our community kitchen or on the open fire...

What You Can Bring: For corn harvest & shucking party: machete, small hand-held pruners (Felco type), gloves & a pocket-knife, a cushy ground mat for the shucking circle may be nice, too.

For the granary raising: hammers, tape measures, pencils, squares...other carpentry tools like an extra drill or saw would be great if you have them. A tall stepladder, another extension ladder, or a couple bucks of scaffolding would be helpful! Let me know if you can bring any of these (Also, if you have any extra 2x or 1x-rough milled lumber to sell--I got "just enough" lumber milled).

A potluck dish is appreciated, BYOB; we'll have Kombucha, spring water, coffee & warm teas, and feature Salamander Springs Farm food of the season: black beans, cornbread, sweet potatoes, squash, etc... Campers-bring warm bags & gear, headlamp, warm clothes for evening... Bring water jugs if you want to take home some good spring water!

Thanks so much! Email us for more information.

Start Date: Oct 18, 2014
End Date:Oct 19, 2014
Start Time:10:00 AM
End Time:5:00 PM
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