Freshly Harvested Black Walnuts

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Freshly Harvested Black Walnuts

Naturally grown, pesticide-free, hand-harvested and hulled black walnuts in shells from our family-owned ranch

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Our black walnuts come from trees on our ranch. These trees were planted by the former landowners who let the fields go fallow for many years. When we purchased the property and began to clear it for our horses, we found the trees and decided to save them. We collect the nuts in the hulls, then clean them by hand. None of our nuts are machine harvested or processed. It takes time, but we enjoy the reward of handling our own crop.

We sell our nuts in the shell. All nuts last longer in the shell, so this is the preferred way to purchase them. Nuts in the shell may last several years if they are stored properly.

We have heard from many customers that they would like the nuts with the green hulls, so we are offering them this way during the fall months only.

Black walnuts are worth the effort! They are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower the risk of heart disease. They also taste delicious, either in your home-baked goods or fresh as a snack. We hope that you will enjoy the fresh taste of our black walnuts!

Black Mountain Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. We started the ranch for our horses, and little by little, we have begun to harvest nuts, fruits and vegetables, as well as raise chickens and rabbits. Our goal is to live off the land that we have, as much as we can. To meet this goal, we are proud to share our naturally raised products with you!

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