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Fourteenth Blog From the Sheep Farmers

Fourteenth Blog From the Sheep Farmer at Shady Hill Farms.

Producing Premium American Lamb and Heirloom Quality 100% Virgin Wool Blankets, also World Class Sheep Breeding Stock.In Northeast Ohio.

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Ninth Blog From the Sheep Farmer

This is the Ninth Blog from the Sheep farmer at Shady Hill farms, Ltd.


Our premium all natural American lamb and our Heirloom Quality 100% Virgin Wool Blankets are available only through

Sheep skins too, machine washable.

Our sheep are dual purpose, producing premium meat and wool products also sheep skins.

We honor our sheep and our family farm by producing and selling both product lines direct to the discriminating consumer.

Our meat products are hand cut, vacuum packed and flash frozen.

Our blankets are produced using traditional methods in an historic and authentic woolen mill.

We will share more about both product lines in future blogs.

Cold weather and right now folks clamor for the meats used in slow cooking, the shanks and stews especially.And they clamor for the blankets which are warm and toasty!



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