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farmers market

I'm sitting at the farmers market typing at my laptop during the slow times between shoppers.  It was a big hurry up and wait day- had to be here by 3 pm and got here at five of 3 only to sell one box of eggs in the last two hours.  The weather's good the location's good, but this is a tough town to crack.  In more exciting news, the CSA is doing great and we are clearing more land for gardens.  Sam's brewing a batch of compost tea for the greenhouse, and man, is it gross!  The chickens have be getting out by mysterious holes in their house and partied for a few days, but now they are under lockdown.  Saw lots of moose tracks on the way to the goat pasture today.  Last night saw a mama bear and her cub- mama stood up and looked straight at us- luckily we were in the car!

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