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2011: Focus on Raw Milk Safety

2011: Focus on Raw Milk Safety

  1. What is safe raw milk? What does it look like in the barn, in the cows, in the sanitation, on the farm, in the tests, in the taste, in the quality.
  2. How do we make is so apparent to anyone that will look - how dedicated we are to safe, quality raw milk? Consumers will be educated and make informed choices. The better the education, the more likely they will make good choices for safe, quality milk, and not unsafe milk.
  3. How do we come together in this unity of strength: to BE - safe raw milk, the best milk on the best farms anywhere -  and be an profoundly attractive force to the people? We have to all be on the same page. All milk is not alike. Most milk is very safe. Some milk isn't, some milk should be pasteurized, some milk we worry about, and some milk doesn't need it. We know the kinds of things that go with the concerning milk. No systems. No oversite. No responsibility. That is not us. If we serve many, we owe a responsibility to all to be as safe as we can be. We understand the model for giving confidence with the whole system of providing food safely.
  4. Who will take it upon themselves to spend the time - the sacrifice to be that model of safety and quality, to move us forward? If we truly all want the same thing: safe milk - we'll talk. If either party isn't - they won't talk about safety, will they? We that stand together in dedication to quality and safety say we want to talk.
  5. Who will understand that if we take away the safety issue - WE ALL HAVE TO TALK ABOUT OUR RIGHTS
  6. When will FDA, Sanitarians, Dairy processors see we are SERIOUS ABOUT SAFETY? We do get it, and we are up to the task of being safe. We focus on safety in 2011. Many minds, many views, one purpose: safe milk.  Join us at the table to talk about raw milk safety. We want the same thing. Safe quality milk. All three kinds: Pasteurized, Raw and Certified Raw.
  7. Is there benefit to all - with higher quality milk throughout the system - no problems - something good for a change in the dairy industry. Show farms with ultra safe and quality milk will bring up all producers standards of quality. A re-focusing on great milk - great tasting, great lasting, great safe and nutritious milk for everyone. Pasteurized, Raw and Certified Raw.

The answer to these questions: 2011: Focus on Raw Milk Safety

Make it REAL

Scott Trautman, Jan 24, 2011

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