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Turkey Season!!!

  Here we are again near the end of the year and coming into one of the busiest weeks for our farm. Turkey Season!!!

This time of year is alway busy and hectic for us on the farm as our customers anticipated purchasing their centerpiece for their Thanksgiving table.  Our Pastured Turkey!!! 

Unlike most farms around our area, we chose to raise the Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys breed.  I know! I know! The picture above is our Bourbon Reds as I did not have a picture available at the time of this posting.

The broad breasted  bronze is an awesome breed to raise compare to the white. They are a beautiful majestic turkey! The colors of these turkeys are so beautiful! Metalic sheens of green and copper against black feathers. In my opinion, these birds can almost past as a wild turkey if it was not for their double breast.

So while we work to get these turkeys out to our customers, I would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!


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