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I'm not very good at this blog thing.

My last entry was this past spring. It was really a rough year (tooooo much rain), but hope springs eternal........

All the beds are planted in cover crops waiting for the appropriate time to begin planting. They include oats, rye and peas. Over the winter, cover crops serve multiple purposes; preventing erosion and weed suppression. In the spring I will incorporate them into the soil, thus providing organic matter and nutrients. The use of cover crops allows me not to have to use synthetic chemicals.

I am already getting itchy to start seeding my transplants and get things growing again. Some of my asparagus beds are coming into full production this year while others are still developing. It takes a minimum of 3 years before there is much production and 4 to 5 before they really start producing. This is assuming that you start them from seed as I do. I have expanded my plantings every year and will continue to this coming year.

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