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Mouring the Passing of Jordie Hamlet Nevedal, Wonder Pig

We have been providing hospice pig care to our 15 year-old pot bellied pig Jordan Hamlet for the past year.  He seemed to have cancer with spread to his liver and we had constructed a special pen for him in our garage with heat so he could get outside on sunny days without encountering stairs.  Jordie lived to be told that he was a "fine pig", and a "good boy" by his Daddy-Momma.  Those words would make his straight tail spin in a circle.

 He was only eating veggie stew with good fixings from our CSA crop box, apples and oatmeal here towards the end. He always loved cats and this past year has shared his garage and heat lamp with our litter of Hemingway snow cats.  Sometimes they'd snuggle under the blankets with him in his straw pile.  Sometimes they'd tuck in on top of him. 

This past weekend, Jordie went downhill and he passed away early in the morning on Monday.  We cremated him in a Viking funeral pyre Monday.  In these parts Jordie was well known for his acting career and school appearances.  He did the Pig Skin Picks at the Grand Traverse Band Casino some years ago and did better at picking NFL winners than the pundits.  He especially loved children with autism, and elders.

We are still reconfiguring our lives around the big space left now that he has moved on.  I found myself making his oatmeal yesterday morning.  As Dan said as we watched his funeral pyre burn, the pain of loss is the price we pay for these friendships and well worth the joy and blessings we recieve. We were centainly blessed to have known this fine pig.  He was a very good boy!

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