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Tropical moisture brings new life to Indian Summer!

 Good rainfall the last couple of days and on our well drained East Texas hills, this will bring the last session of purple hull peas to fruition. Those of you who did not get any, or need more, there will be some for the fall. We decided not to plant green beans, rather to let the peas come back volunteer, and come back they have. Other than a couple of small seed plots, there will be peas available.

We are nurturing a new variety of cream pea that we expect to have in quantity late next year. We are very excited about this pea, since it is a bush type of a locally popular pea. We hope to have seed available in a couple of seasons. 

We are proceeding with planting our white mustard green manure cover crop for the fall, and we will be doing soil tests every so often to appraise its effect. We still plan to plant English peas to over winter, and perhaps some fava beans. Most likely we will mix some fall turnips and some rutabagas in there as well.

In the garden, we are going to experiment with row covers in order to get a better start on tomatoes and peppers.  We do not grow these crops in huge quantities, so it is a good test case. The container garden from last year did not meet our expectations. I firmly believe in the soil, not hydroponics, greenhouse plants etc.

Diversification plans proceed as fertility and soil structure improve. Since we are looking at root crops, and how best to scale that project up, we are interested in a one row root crop harvester. Various grading equipment may be needed. Along that line, we are looking for a Pixall Vibratory Sorting Table and an even feeder to augment our bean and pea business.

That is all the news for now. Feel free to contact us. Purple hull peas only thru October.   

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