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Tonight is The Night!

  It's Christmas Eve again.  One of the most blessed, miraculous times.  Since I was a child, I've believed that the animals speak, by the Grace of God, on Christmas Eve.  They celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ..... If I can only stay up long enough to hear them.....I'm still trying, after 50 years. 

  On the farm, I am surrounded by God's gifts.  Sometimes I forget how truly wondrous they all are.....but I am reminded on cold wintry nights, when all is still and quiet.  You can see your breath in the air, and a light dusting of snow lays on the ground.  There are sweet, low sounds of the animals as they nestle down to rest.  The occasional coyote sounds, to remind me that not all beings are at peace....But tonight will be different......It's Christmas Eve.

  Soon, I will bundle up in my winter gear, and make my way down to the barns.  I'll feed and water everything, and make sure that there is a warm spot for all.  I'll leave the lights on tonight, and sneak out a few times to check, in hopes that I catch a snitch of "joyful sound".  I know that tonight is the night of miracles, and  I pray that those who need them, receive them.  Maybe I'll be one of them, and finally get to hear the animals speak :)

  Tommorow, I will be blessed to be surrounded by my family.  My sister and her boys are on their way up from Houston, TX now.  My mother and I are mixing up the traditional cherry cobbler...don't know how that tradition got started....but it works for us.  We'll all meet a Mom and Dad's house this evening for a little cheer and lots of gifts.  I thank God for allowing us one more year together.

  I hope that everyone shares in God's Grace and Love this holiday Season.  Share your joy over the birth of his Son!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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