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What's the Deal With the Eggs?

I just don't get it!

  With all the money and regulations and this and that, big business still can't produce a simple edible egg.  You know, that thing that we small farmers take for granted.

   I find it absolutely hysterical, that after drowning us small producers in regulations, permits, procedures....etc, that I can still walk out into my barnyard, pick up an egg, walk into my house, fry it up, and eat it for breakfast/lunch/dinner, without worrying about salmonella.  "Big Money" can't do that.  Even with all their advantages.  Hey FDA, what's up with that?

  Yes, my birds run around and eat what they like.  No, my hen house isn't always the cleanest.  Yes, I run ducks and chickens and geese...all together.  (Doesn't bother them, so why should it bother anyone else?)  I probably do a lot of things not exactly correct by the book standards, but I've got a certified healthy flock, that produce a healthy product.  I don't see why this has become such a problem for some organizations...LOL

  I guess that I shouldn't be so "snarky" about this, but I've listened to the tripe for years about eggs.  Looks like the biggest danger in eating eggs, is buying them from the grocery store. 

  So, hug your local farmer, and be thankful that a few of us still know how to raise a flock and produce good eggs!

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