Rocky Mount Gourds & Treasures of Louisiana

  (Plain Dealing, Louisiana)
Jellies and Jams From Our Bounties


Oh, here they come again with the helicopters to spray the wooded areas at Rocky Mount.

 And, the frogs have just returned this past year after a very long absence!!

 It was probably ten years ago that a helicopter was out spraying the defoliants in the forest behind our home.  My husband and a young neighbor road the four wheelers to back to watch.  The next day we found out that the company had sent someone around telling people to stay inside their homes while they were spraying, but they missed our house!!

 I sure would like to find out what they are spraying today!!  Guess we have the right to go and find out from the trucks that are hauling in the "non-lethal elements"?? like what they used to use?? 2-4D maybe? I know that was in the past, but not that many years ago......The huge insurance companies that own the woods today don't even know what they are doing...

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