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Planting Your Herb Garden

Hi everyone! 

The weather may be hot and humid.  During the early morning and late afternoon hours when the weather is the coolest part of the day you can plant a culinary herb garden.  A selection of fresh culinary herbs that you can use for all your cooking needs.  Bay, Chives, Dill, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Sage, Mint and Tarragon.  Plant a small plot area near your kitchen for easy access.  If you do not want to plant a plot than set your herb containers in a full sun area.    View our links in my Herbs en' Route website and contact them for helpful garden planting ideas or plant material selections.  








PoplularPansies and ColorfulCabbage

Herbs en' Route - Our Fall cool weather plantings include popular pansies and the decorative cabbage  Mix n' match until you find the right color combination for your Fall landscape or container gardening.  Herbs en' Route bedding plant pansies and container cabbage are ready mid September.  E-mail us at  herbsenroute@gmail.com  or visit our website for more information on these Fall items.
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