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Why Do We Farm?

A couple weeks ago we had the great honor to share our farm and CSA experience at the end of a day long conference for those looking to venture into the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) realm. As the day went by and we were all reminded by the pitfalls many can face by virtue of contrary weather, planning oversights, shear bad luck.... I found myself asking... WHY do us farmers sign up for this uncertainty year after year?

When our turn came to speak there was one thing I knew I wanted to share. As critical, or even more so to everyone's farming success as the usual items we think of such as soil fertility, the best crop varieties, perfectly timed precipitation, precisely scheduled succession planting... was that we each must find our own WHY. That WHY that will help us through the challenges we inevitably will face; the seemingly unending long days, the heartbreaking disasters, the unfortunate miscalculations... We need to understand what it can possibly be that makes us get back up every time that we fall or are knocked down... that always makes us want to do our best regardless of the task ahead... that helps us rise and face each day with gratitude and blessings within our heart.

I know my own passion for farming, for this challenging yet unbelievably rewarding way of life, was instilled at a very young age during a heart to heart chat with my father during the evening milking chores. He spoke to me straight from his soul and I saw more in that golden evening light than a seven year old ever could imagine.

My father shared that he was not just a farmer, but a steward of God's earth. Telling me that no man could create anything near the grandness of the great cathedral we were gazing upon out that barn door. The green pastures and the trees in the distance, the animals calmly grazing and I felt the peace and appreciation that overflowed within me. He shared how honored he felt to be so blessed with the opportunity to be the caretaker of this corner of the earth...

I got it! I felt that passion which guided him every day, and my own was awakened at that very moment! I knew that I wanted to live a life dedicated to the beauty of creation... taking care of my own corner of the world. It is the guiding force behind my days... and after his death over 14 years ago this week, I feel honored to have his legacy live on through me. Although I may not be on the same plot of ground as my father, I found my place to call home along side my husband on our piece of God's paradise just three miles away.

My life now is filled with the glorious blessings to be growing the precious wholesome food that our CSA members place on the table for their families and friends...  I take very seriously this great honor that has been given to us!!!

That is My Passion and WHY, what is Yours?

Until next time... Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day!




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