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Organic Gardening Awarenes:What to BEWARE when seeking HELP to start your backyard vegetable garden?

It is GOOD TO KNOW and be AWARE!

There are so many books and web sites out there to teach you how to start an Organic Productive Garden.ALSO: A new wave of self proclaimed GREEN BUCK THUMBS/"FARMERS" , are out there vying for your buck!

Here are some suggestions to help you sifting the real from the fake "Farmers/ Organic Gardeners/Teachers":

1-BEWARE :There are claims that they have experience and education BLABLA.Ask for proof like a Master Gardener ID for example!

2-BEWARE:There are  salesmen who try to sell you their products like soil,organic fertilizers etc.Simply ask for their price lists and compare with garden outlets/local farmers .The "Fake" Farmers/Salesmen prices are usually way HIGH!

3-BE AWARE:Starting a vegetable garden in your backyard does not need a MEGA BUDGET .You need to start small and in containers to learn the process without breaking your back or bank!Be patient and be prepared!

4-BE AWARE:Ask questions and try to take as many Organic Gardening Classes that are compatable with your HARDINESS ZONE .Example: If you live in a TROPICAL ZONE, try to engage the learning process at a local garden hwere you may check out what grows best and what not  in that particular location.

5-BEWARE:Computer / ELECTRONIC /Distance classes are not a match for a HANDS ON LEARNING! 

6-BE AWARE:There are Urban Farmers who like to share their knowledge for FREE.Check out for FREE classes that are offered by independent local  farmers .

7-BE AWARE:Gardening is a PROCESS! Take your time to learn and implement what you have learned.Nothing grows overnight at the garden!


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