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April 4th, 2009 update

The hatching madness continues, adding new geese, ducks, and chickens to my life.  I lift each wet hatchling out of the incubator, give it a formal welcome to the Garden of Ethan (because I'm working on my eccentric side), and then place it lovingly into the brooder.  I try not think about it possibly being a male and destined for harvest in the fall.  A dear lady visited us recently and asked what I am going to do with all my young birds.  I explained that half of them would be going into the freezer.  She paused, then exclaimed, "But they can't live in there!" 

I went to a Slow Food dinner last night at Tuscan Express, and decided to add it to the collection of organizations I belong to and support with my meager social work income.  I hosted their book club meeting this past Monday, met fabulous people, and learned more about the Ark of Taste.  I think I may begin focusing on foods on their list.  I wonder if my family will let me raise Giant Chinchillas.....

I love to watch my Saanen does.  Their bellies are swelling, and little Lyla looks round when she lies down.  I'm thinking there could be twins in her little one year old body.  I love my goats.  I attended a workshop on goat milk products last week, and enjoyed goat cheese truffles, and goat milk ice cream.  Wow!

This is my first spring with a greenhouse.  Proper temperature, air circulation, and compost tea are all unfinished projects.  We are alternately baking and freezing our little seedlings, and this approach isn't working well.

I am short on sleep most nights.  I was heading out tonight with a flashlight and pail to collect more maple sap and my brother called out saying the season was over and I needed to stop.  Very mixed emotions about that news.  I LOVE the smell of woodsmoke mixed with sugary steam from the boiling sap, but I am SO TIRED of lugging pails up and down the hill.  I keep checking to see if bulging biceps have appeared as a result, but.... no.  In fact, I think I'm getting fatter from pouring hot maple syrup over bowls of vanilla ice cream.  So worth it!

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