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You can't get it ANY FRESHER than when you pick it!

Just wanted to get the word out there that our official opening date for the u-pick program will begin June 4. We should have Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Radishes, Peas, Baby Beets Radishes and tomatoes from the greenhouse. Later on in the month we will have broccoli, kale and some cabbage. Then as the season progresses the green beans, sweet corn, cauliflower, potatoes and sweet potatoes will be ready for you to enjoy. This year we will be planting our raspberries which will be available next year! Come on out and take a tour! We are offering all of our upick items for $1.00 per unit this year which means that A big head of broccoli will be a dollar, A big head of romaine will be a dollar a bunch of 15 radishes will be....you guessed it....a dollar! Call me for more info on times and availability! (970)-214-4669.


Till next time!


Bill Bosko


You Can Do It!

You visit the local farmer’s market on a whim, stroll past vegetable stands, herb bunches, and flower bouquets. Finally, your eyes fixate on a huge tomato that’s bigger than both of your hands put together. It pulls you toward it; you lift it in your palms up to your nose and inhale all the sweetness of a thousand harvests. You are ruined in an instant and vow never again to be seen buying little mushy pre-ripened red water balloons that the local grocers label as the same fruit.

We all know that the “real” thing is always better than a fake, lacquered, forced vegetable. If you’ve ever wished you could grow your own crops, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have realized the taste and nutritional benefits of producing their own food. Not everybody has a large patch of ground in which to sow their seeds. But anyone anywhere can grow their own food.

These days anything we can do to offset our “out of pocket” expenses can be extremely helpful, not to mention the pure satisfaction you get in knowing that even you can provide food for yourself!

Embrace whatever situation you have, and creatively compose your garden. For people who live in the city or apartment complexes, a container garden might be ideal. Grow boxes and wide beds can be installed in virtually any sunny location. Indoor lights can simulate sunlight if your location doesn’t get enough direct rays.

Your ability to garden is limited only by your location and imagination. Focus on what you have available to you, not what you don’t. Some friends of mine live in an apartment complex and even they enjoy beautiful organic vegetables growing in containers on their balcony, and fresh herbs on their windowsill.

It’s no secret that gardening can be a rewarding hobby for many different reasons. Besides the endless amount of flowers and vegetables than can be grown in a garden, there’s a special sort of satisfaction from nurturing and caring for plants, and then reaping the plentiful rewards. A few supplies, some dedication, and a bit of sensible gardening advice are all you’ll need to get started and on your way to growing your own garden.

If you need any helpful advice getting started, give us a call, that’s what we’re here for!

Supporting Locally Grown!

Have you seen the price of food lately? I have been watching….and the prices are definitely on the rise. Just the other day my wife and I went the store to buy groceries. As we were checking out I was amused at the fact that we had gotten so little and was shocked when I heard that we owed $44.00 for two small bags! Makes me wonder, what can we do to survive? Is it time to make things simpler? Should we all know how to grow our own food? In times past our whole country was full of small family owned farms. Living off the land, these families were able to produce food for themselves and their local community. The old saying “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” had a whole different meaning back then. My question for you is a simple one. If you were ever put in a position where you needed to grow your own fruits and vegetables to provide for your family, could you? What about the winter time? Do you want to save money every month by harvesting your own nutrient dense vegetables.

Eden Valley Farm is here for you! We are holding a seminar in April of this year to teach you how to grow your own food. We want to encourage everyone to stretch their money by growing various fruits and vegetables in their own back yards. We also want to educate the community  to support their farmers by buying locally grown produce. Lets keep the money in our community!

Come on by and check us out!

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