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Fall Piggies going to market

Got freezer space? It is time for 4 of our piggies. We do not expose our animals to hormones, antibiotics or other agrichemicals.
Sausage/Brats/Ham/Pork: $2 a pound plus processing.
Call Alan: 815-721-5483.
Happy Fall.
-Risha (& Alan and the kids)
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piglet sausage available soon

Four of our eight little piggies were taken to the processor this week. Hana and her friend Skylar are saying goodbye along with our reverse herd dog Aggie. When the piglets escaped last month Aggie wasn't the best herding dog, she kept scattering them when we wanted her to round them up. So Alan sent her to them and had her lay down, then when he called for her the piggies followed her home.

We are processing these little piggies in the fall to maximize the flavor. being young, they should be tender. Being fall, they have recently enjoyed the harvest leavings and the fresh pasture and forage of the farm. Winters are cold and stored feeds may not leave meat tasting as fresh as when harvested at the peak of the season. Soon we'll be able to test that concept. 

Skylar's daddy shared some wonderful fresh venison with us that he harvested with an arrow and processed himself. Thanks to Joe! Not us, we'll leave the processing to the professionals and enjoy giving them a good life while the domesticated livestock share our farm with us. We like to invite Joe to visit when the wildlife are plentiful.

The week before Thanksgiving and the turkeys are all gone. Since we sold out early (with the help of Aggie thinning out our pastured turkeys we think), Paul Muller will be trading us pork for turkey this year so we won't have to go without. Thanks to Paul!

We will be taking orders for 2010 if anyone has any special requests for custom animals or produce. We have had one request recently for a large order of chickens for shipping that we are considering... but we prefer selling locally to people who know the care that goes into our farm. 


Eggs, Poultry and Thanksgiving

Ducks, Geese, Guineas and chickens fill the farm with poultry life...[Read More]

Spring Kids

The last of the Spring kids have been born. Sad to say we lost a few. The plants are just starting to grow. Kids born last year: Gertrude is the tan one with the white belt. Splosh has the white face & body with black ears and Shirley has the white wiggle on her face. There are a few others that were born before the herd joined our farm last year, but I'm featuring the ones born here.

Hansel & Gretel are the first two of 2009. Then Christian and Frostie were the only survivors of 3 mothers who all delivered sooner than expected in sub zero temperatures. Mrs. Black is the nanny who is raising Frostie and Christian. Two survived from a set of triplets born in the home basement. Anders and Sun were named to go with Hansel & Christian (Hans-Christian Anderson). So it seems we have added 9 goats (5 girls, 4 boys) since we started... and the second year of the herd on Anonymous Farm has hardly begun.

We tried milking Mrs Black and the other two goats that had delivered at the same time. She had the most milk of the three and took to nursing the little ones on her own. We will let the other females run with the buck to see if late summer brings more kidding.

This year's boys have all been fixed... we don't want any unexpected early kids next winter. Last year's boys will have to be sold or go to the butcher.

The chickens are laying well and the roosters will be going to the butcher soon. We are trying to keep them separated, but we won't be suprised if one of the hens is hiding some fertile eggs somewhere. The ducks have started laying and my dad in Chicago has tried the eggs. It's hard to find eggs for those with allergies to chickens, but ask and you shall recieve.

We are hoping to collaborate with others on this year's garden. Plans are in the works. This is the time to make requests. 

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