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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 01-01-10

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

Time to Start Planning your 2010 Vegetable Garden…

Mass Local Food is still taking orders and will be until January 4th.  Take a look at all the new products  which include yogurt, locally grown whole grains, Smith’s Country Cheese, organic fair trade coffee, and a wide variety of meats. 

I’m sorry Mr. G...

Time for a change: January 1st is here and you may want to consider resolving to support our local economy in any way you can.  This is something I will be doing more of as the year progresses and I was reminded of WHY it is so important last week.  I needed some balloon animal type of balloons this week because our daughter only got about 150 for Christmas and due to a little boredom and a lot of creativity, they were used up in short order.  I felt a little sad because I knew that I could have gone to Mr. G’s party center and purchased high quality, fresh (yes, they must not be old) balloons for our balloon twisting attempts.  But..  I helped put them out of business a few years ago.  They moved to a slightly less convenient location, and then iParty moved in a quarter of a mile closer to the highway making iParty slightly more convenient.  I don’t have a lot of party needs but sometimes I needed special items: cheap magic tricks for favors for a magic party, the occasional junky specialty items, great food coloring to make a John Deere tractor birthday cake, and really good, fresh balloons.  A few times I went to iParty instead.  Now Mr. G’s is no more!  I miss the store.  I liked it better than iParty.  The employees could always help me find what I needed and they were always very helpful.  And they were local.  I could have been spending my money to benefit our local economy (granted a very small amount of money, but some nonetheless).  For the upcoming year, I will scrutinize my purchases a bit more and seek out items from local merchants, first in town and then in our region.  And I will try to do my part to help keep our local businesses viable.

Time to start a few seeds…

Seed catalogs are filling my mailbox and I am trying to control my plans for the upcoming year.  This is hard for me to do because I everything looks so easy in January – in May and June, I find that this is not entirely the case.  Anyways, I have ordered plenty of new seeds to add to my existing collection from last year.  As soon as they arrive (hopefully next week), I will be starting globe artichokes and geraniums.  I start many of my own seeds in a cool room, supplemented by two florescent grow lights (four long bulbs).  I use wood ash to head off damping off, and I use a small amount of kelp and eggshells for fertilizer.  This year I plan to do more and may hang two more lights beneath the existing table. 

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