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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 06-08-12

School is out. 

Find fun and educational adventure at the Westminster Farmers’ Market.


New in the market: beets, strawberries, summer squash, free-range pastured chicken, and cupcakes.

School’s out and you may be looking for things to do with your children (no matter what age).  The Westminster Farmers’ Market provides an educational adventure for all students. 

ü  All summer long, new vegetables can be explored and tasted by little ones.

ü  Find a favorite family recipe – or ask an older relative for one.  Review the recipe and make a “treasure hunt” for the market.  Your children will have fun exploring the market and purchasing necessary ingredients.  Upon arriving home, the fun continues.  Baking and cooking is probably the most all-encompassing educational experience a child can have.  Reading and chemistry, measuring, counting, adding, dividing. 

ü  If you don’t have a recipe and want to try something new, you may want to look up a German Kuchen recipe.  This delectable coffee cake (or dessert) is streusel, fruit filled deliciousness.  Not too difficult to make, and even a less than perfect outcome still gets devoured.  Choose your recipe and have a bake-off at your next family gathering.  You will definitely have a huge advantage if you are buying the freshest ingredients that are always available at the farmers’ market.

ü  Set up a contest for finding the most interesting vegetable in the market.  Will they try this new vegetable?  Think they won’t eat asparagus?  How about kohlrabi?  Beets?  This is garden candy.  Still digging in their heels?  Sauté in a bit of butter.  It adds nice flavor, and can give a finicky eater a less abrupt introduction to a new flavor.  Once a new flavor is accepted, you can slowly wean them from the butter. 

Healthy, Delicious and LOCAL

Fresh vegetables and fruits available now: strawberries, beets, zucchini, scallions, radish, gourmet salad greens, asparagus, rhubarb and more.

Regional gourmet specialty foods include farm-fresh eggs, locally raised grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured, free-range chicken, award-winning goat and cow cheeses, a wide variety of artisan breads, jams and jellies, spice mixes, delicious desserts and pastries, pies and cookies.

Summer planting continues and so does the supply of seedlings in the market.  June is a good time to transplant tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and lettuce into the garden.  Beets and rutabagas can be planted from seed.

The market is open from 3:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Fridays.  WIC and Senior Coupons are accepted.

For more information visit www.WestminsterFarmersMarket.com or find us on facebook.


Westminster Farmer's Market Report for 08-28-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm


Tornado watches and Irish Step Dancers, goats, fiddlers and a final washout!








What an outstanding performance we had last week with Lauren Dennen dancing to the music of Susan Nickerson and her husband.  I hope you got a chance to see them.  It was really wonderful.  Even in the awful heat and humidity on Friday, Lauren never broke a sweat!  What a performer!  And the Nickersons’ music just adds so much to the atmosphere in the market!  Thank you to all for making my afternoon so enjoyable!




The market was fantastic last Friday with all the entertainment: music, dancing and Meghan’s goats Echo and Marmalade.  The goats were a great addition to the market and Meghan did a great job keeping them from eating all the beautiful herbs and perennials on display!  If all goes well, she would like to bring them again.  The afternoon ended with a bang as a thunderstorm approached.  As the thunder slowly approached over about 45 minutes, the vendors decided to pack it in.  At as the last containers were being packed away, the sky opened up in a downpour!  And the market came to an end.






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