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Been to Atlantis?

Not the mythical continent! Last night I had the pleasure of giving a little honeybee lecture at Atlantis Natural (www.atlantisnatural.com). They had a really nice event supporting all-natural living. Be Organic Catering (www.beorganiccatering.com) was there, making some delicious shrimp curry and talking to us about the health benefits of organic cooking. And there was a sleep disorder specialist and a meditation teacher who brought a quartz crystal singing bowl and did a very relaxing guided meditation. (Not an easy thing to do with a room is full of little children!)

It was a great group and lots of fun and I hope to go there again soon! They'll be sponsoring one of my "What's the Buzz?" outreach programs...I'll let you know details as soon as we have a date.

I really had a terrific time giving away literature and turning the kids on to honeybees. (The five tastes of honey everyone got didn't hurt!). People are often rather fear based about bees, especially children. So a little bit of education about how much the bees are helping us, and the fact that one in three bites that you take is honeybee dependent helps too. 

I do think that people are not quite as fearful as they once were....the public perception of the honeybee has enjoyed a bit of an improvement since Colony Collapse Disorder began to threaten the honeybee population. I think public support is on the upswing and ignorance is giving way to curiosity. As for me, I'm happy to do my part! I love talking "bees"....

(you might have noticed!) 


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