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Honey Labeling and What's In a Name?

What's in a Name? A honey's name, anyway.... We get lots of questions about this! For instance, in the Avocado Lychee honey we just harvested, people want to know if it tastes like....avocados? Or lychees? The answer is....neither! It's all about the nectar in the flowers of the trees, which is not at all the same as the taste of the resulting future fruit! Surprised? 

Flower nectar tastes sweet and delicious, although it does vary from tree to tree and flower to flower. Cotton honey tastes amazing and nothing like cotton, I'm happy to say! 

When I was a kid, I loved tearing a flower apart and sipping the nectar at it's base. I don't know if all kids did that. (Did you?) I guess I have that in common with the field bees. And so just to clarify the first example, the Avocado Lychee honey. It tastes like a dark, rich honey, not like your nearest guacamole nor like your favorite expensive fruit. Once again, it's all in the nectar.

You may be interested in the legalities of the label on those honey jars you see in the store. For a jar of honey to specify that it is Orange Blossom, Saw Palmetto, or anything specific at all, it needs to be only 51% of the floral variety listed. Which I think can be so misleading, but that is the case and that is the law.

And for a shocking change in honey labeling over the past few years.....for the label to say PURE HONEY, it need only CONTAIN SOME Pure Honey. But it DOES NOT need to be ALL PURE HONEY, which is what one would expect with the word PURE on the label. I think that is a bait-and-switch that does not protect the consumer very well. So, buyer beware! Your best bet is your local beekeeper, who is the one most likely to sell you a jar of honey that is pure in it's original connotation..... ALL PURE HONEY with nothing added, nothing else at all. Keep that in mind, and get yourself some...It's awesome for your immune system and it's comforting sweetness makes you happy as well!

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