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Honey and Allergies! Nothing to Sneeze At!

Is it TRUE? Does honey really alleviate annoying allergy symptoms? Or is it an old wives tale?

There are so many "superfood" health claims out there, that I take most of them with a grain of salt. (Oh no, wait....forget the salt, remember the blood pressure!)

And that's what I mean! We tend to look at food as a collection of chemical properties, either for or against us. It really takes the joy out of dining! Typically I try to avoid this medicinal approach to food..... 

Which is why I initially hesitated to make the link between honey and allergies! But after many of my customers came back and reported huge improvement in their allergy symptoms when adding honey to their daily diet, I decided to give the thing a second look and see what's what.

Does it work? And if so....HOW? 

This is what I found:

Typical allergy symptoms....runny nose, drippy eyes.....result from an overexposure to a particular allergen. Often, regular allergy shots are the course of action used to minimize this.

If the allergen is pollen based, then hope in honey is well-founded. The bees collect both pollen and nectar, and tiny grains of pollen are present in your honey. Regular honey consumption acts as an immune booster and minimizes the reaction to the pollen. It works just like the allergy shots, but much cheaper and tastier!!

Here's the thing. In order to work, you need honey that contains the pollen that's getting to you. So the honey needs to be produced as close as possible to where you live. This ensures that the pollen from your neighborhood plants will be in your honey.

AND....the honey MUST BE RAW! Once heated, these benefits disappear.

So, got allergies? Raw local honey is your best bet.

HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? With honey....there's never too much!

HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? A teaspoon or a couple of teaspoons a day will do it.

The best strategy is to have local honey for several weeks before the start of the allergy season. However, so many suffering customers came and got our honey as a last ditch effort in the middle of an onslaught of pollen-based misery....and they reported excellent results when they began this daily honey regimen.

Here in Miami I recommend the Tropical Wildflower honey for this because it contains the widest range of local pollens within itself. So find a local beekeeper, get yourself some raw honey, and put away your Kleenex.  Honey for allergies is nothing to sneeze at! 

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