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Love Those Lychees and Avocados! Honey, That is....

Miami is a splendid place! We have such a fabulous mix of exotic tropical and sub-tropical fruits growing here, it's mind-boggling! And all of these fruit trees create nectar and pollen that make our bees so happy!

One of the things we enjoy most is when the Lychees and the Avocados blossom. In the rest of the world these fruits blossom at different times, but here in South Florida most years they blossom together. Even better, the Lychee groves and the Avocado Groves are usually right next to one another. 

What does that mean? It means that we are some of the world's luckiest people, because we have annual access to Avocado-Lychee honey, an exotic combo of two of nature's most delicious nectars.

It's bliss! And it was just harvested, so we're revelling in the joy...

It gets even better... As I said, we celebrate the creative combination of the two together...but this year the Lychees ALSO kept on blossoming after the Avocados were done. Which means that we in addition to our favorite combo, we also got to harvest straight Lychee honey, which practically never happens for us.

So it's a double whammy of the dark and delicious! Yes, we're sticky and sweet and hoping to stay that way....

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