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Starting the New Year

Happy New Year!  I've accomplished one of my small, immediate goals:  I started the Yahoo group for people in Collin County, TX who either produce local food and fiber, or shop for it.  I'd like to invite anyone in the Collin County area to join the group and join in the discussion:


This group will network together, promote farms and products available in our area, and support the idea of taking back our nutrition and our agrarian heritage.  There are people around who are doing the work, and others in the area with money in their hands, ready to spend.  I want to put these folks together.

I'm working toward another goal, which is to find out about fiber CSAs.  We all know pretty much how it works with vegetables (buy a share of a farmer's harvest up front and then receive a share of the bounty as it comes out of the garden), but there are a couple of fiber farmers in the country who have adapted the principles to their own products, namely, wool and yarn.  I really want to investigate whether this model is right for our farm.  Stay tuned.

Ongoing maintenance projects are taking up our time right now.  The weather is fairly nice, for the season, so we must get some things done outside.  We finished the run-in shed in the south pasture - a project that has inched along for many, many months.

Always more to do than daylight to accomplish it.  That's why we have Tomorrow.

God's blessings,
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