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Common Chicken Diseases and Symptoms in Backyard Flocks

When it comes to backyard flocks, there are many common chicken diseases that you should become familiar with. It is essential to learn chicken diseases symptoms and even the signs of respiratory diseases based in these animals if you are seeking to raise healthy chickens.


Suzie O'Connor is the owner of ChickenHousesPlus.com which carries an extensive selection of  Affordable Backyard Chicken Coops "custom made chicken houses

http://www.chickenhousesplus.com/chcohenhofrs.html Custom made chicken coops and chicken houses mean happy, healthy chickens. We also carry Fertile Chicken Eggs and Egg Incubators for Science Fair Project. The company is located in sunny Florida and can be reached at 888-595-5306.



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Summer Sale - Fertile Chicken Eggs - Buy 1dz get the 2nd FREE

You will get some hatching eggs from Rhode Island Red, Barred Rocks, Cuckoo Maran, Golden Comets, Blue Eggs and Bantam eggs.  

These chickens are all brown egg layers and the sizes of eggs range from medium to very large eggs.  The only ones that lay the blue eggs are the Amerucana.

Don't wait add some new blood to your flock now and have eggs by winter.
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10 Top Tips For Raising Chickens

Raising chickens can be an easy and enjoyable experience for families or individuals. Many may not necessarily know where to start, but here are the top ten tips for raising your own healthy, happy flock.[Read More]
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