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Irrigation Pumps

This week on the farm: I thought I had the water all figured out and then the pump went out. I would like to say when it rains it pours, but I would like a drenching of rain right now. I think the average rainfall in May is .65 inches. I guess there's not much chance of a good rainfall. This next weekend we will be installing a new 20 hp pump. I'm getting good at installing and uninstalling irrigation pumps. Not that I find it fun. These pumps are about 200 pounds and not easy to move. I have also learned a whole lot more about irrigation pumps than I ever thought I needed to know. In addition to learning how to do minor repairs to tractors, change spark plugs, build chicken coops, and build fences, I can now add irrigation pumps to my growing list of farm knowledge. Farming is about so much more than growing.
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