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Egg Shells

If you haven’t been doing it all winter, it’s not too late to start collecting egg shells for the garden!

Calcium:  Egg shells provide much needed calcium for your plants and since it is a slow release, it’s really hard to over due it.  Calcium is necessary for water up-take and cell development.  Tomatoes love the extra boost, just crush some into the planting hole when you set your plants out and you’ll avoid a madrid of tomato problems.   Fruit trees can always use a bit more calcium.  If you have an acidic, dry, or leached out soil, don’t hesitate to put egg shells on everything.

Pest Control:  Yes!  Who would have thought it.  Crush up the egg shells and sprinkle them around your tender plants.  Lettuce .  The sharp edges cut and scrape slugs as they pass over the shards so they avoid these natural little “land mines”.  

Collecting:  If you are gathering a stash, rinse the shells well and turn upside down to dry before tossing them into your collection bucket.  If you have concerns about bacteria, simply boil the shells, skim off any foam, and dry as above.  Not an egg eater?  No problem.  Bakeries use tons of eggs.  Call one in your area and see if you can arrange something.  They may only be willing to toss them into a bucket on a given day, but that will still add up quickly.

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