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Where Does Time Go?

Boy oh Boy.  Where does the time go?  Seems like yesterday we had snow  on the ground and now it is May and 90 degrees!  Mom always said the older you  get the faster time goes.  She sure was right.  We have started the first cutting of hay, all is going well.  Equipment is running good, we will keep our fingers crossed on that.  We are about done with the calving for the year.  We still have a couple left to go.  One of the older cows Nell has been looking like she could have her calf any day now.  We have been saying that for a week!  I guess she will have it when it is time.  We have been working on the new barn/store as time permits.  Getting the insulation up and we have power to it.  We will have to get the concrete floor in the store area done.  We are very excited there is a new farmer's market opening up in Corsicana and we will be attending it this Saturday.  It is our first time to attend a market, been making a list of what we need to take with us so we don't forget anything.  That is the plan anyway.  We got quite a surprise on Good Friday.  A stray dog we picked up blessed us with 9, yes 9 puppies!!  As soon as they are old enough we will be trying to find good homes for them.  They sure are cute.  I'd better get back at it, looks like the hay is about dry enough to start raking.  Take care and God Bless you until next time. 
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