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Oh my Goodness getting ins to cover CSA's I have had a problem.The only thing I can think of is I MUST BE DOING IT WRONG, I have had USAA my whole life ,my children have it but they do not cover Ag so went to the Grange for my Ag ins,so many of our ag friends have it,BUT they are very leery about chickens and turkeys, they don't seem to have any issue with cattle,pork but when you have a lot going on ????? Maybe its just the agent we had,I don't know she did make a comment" why did you tell me that" What does that mean should I have lied about what we offered,Goodness we post on localharvest all we do,we never ever tried to hide anything If anyone has information on a good Ins person please send us the INFO so we may get coverage we need, or if anyone has had the same problem maybe your incite will help others so they won't go through what we did and are.  All help is a learning experience for the giver and receiver I being the receiver needs the learn en . 
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