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Sheep for sale

Trying to reduce the size of my herd...I'm starting to get a little Border Leicester ram will be going in with the ewes in a couple of I need to get rid of a few.

 I have three ram lambs for sale for $100 each

I also have 3 ewes...Suzy a 2 year old ewe who had a nice set of twins this spring...$200

then Kelly, a 2010 ewe lamb $150.

and Kerry, ewe lamb $150.


I also did an inspection of the beehive this week and the girls are looking good and have lots of honey stored for winter. I plan on getting another hive going next year so I'm really hoping my first hive makes it! Really hoping for more honey next year....I did extract 4 frames this fall and it's wonderful honey! Just not nearly enough of it!

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