Tulsa City Farm

  (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Goat Plans-Barn

 Today after church my daughter and I were able to get back to a whole list of things we need to do.

 We started watering a cover crop we had spread a couple weeks ago. Last week God gave it 3" of rain.

 Then we laid out out where we want to build a barn for goats we want this spring.It is a hill side are we can not use for veggies right now and it is covered in small trees and brush.A great place for the goats to start working on.

 After laying out the area we used a level and some boards to level the area.Now we have got to get it dug and leveled out.The area picked has a pretty clear area and not too sloppy.Also I have a sand point well already there..

 I made my wife mad,by letting my daughter drive on the farm to the water,so we could move it from time to time.She got scared a few times and hit the gas instead of the break!But she is trying and it was a great reward for all the digging she did today.I was right there with a foot to put on the pedal.


Fall Prep

It took days to pull up all the plants and put them in the compost.Then we had t-post to pull up.Hoses moved and netting stored.

 I've got a guy coming to plow over the clover we planted as a living mulch.And in a week or two come back and till it for us.In the end of September we will be planting our winter cover crop.

 Our soil test came back  and I was happy to see I only need to add green sand.It was a organic soil test.I'm very happy with the cover crop green manure as a soil building process.We still have large piles of wood chips decomposing on the back of the property for future organic material or we just might make new beds there in the future.

 We are going to be opening ground on one bnew bed in two weeks and sending that soil test off then.


Our Thank You

 We posted it on our black board.But we would like to tell you all again, "THANK YOU!" .We have enjoyed each and everyone who has come by and visited us.

 We loved letting children go down with us to the garden and let them pick their own veggies.Letting them watch the bees and who knew hand pump well could be so much fun.

 We are already looking over the suggestions of what you would like to see us grow.Next year will keep us busy with the new additions and I hope we can grow what each person desires and if not maybe we could just grow a little for some of our customers and test the market with the others. We did that with the magda squash from Lebanon and the small middle eastern cucumbers and as you all know we could not grow enough for the demand after I gave free ones a way to try. Next year we are doubling the amount planted.

 So Thank you again!


Prepare for next year.

 My little girl asked is a farm ever really closed? I asked her what she meant by really closed.

 She said I thought when we closed we were done till next year.I said you have to get ready. So we continued doing as we were pulling up plants and filling the compost piles with them.We pulled stakes and rolled up irrigation hoses up.

 I showed her how to take a soil sample and how we needed to get ones from different areas of the garden and why so.Then I let her mix them all up and we poured out a sample that we took to the local extension office to be sent a way for testing.

 When it gets back I told her we will know what we need to add to the soil. We are doing three different ones this year on different beds. We have started each bed at a different time in our growth.This sample is on an area we just had plowed up and it is the worst section as soil condition goes.Its all most all sand.


Ending Early This Year

 It is sad that, we are pulling up plants still producing. My daughter started school today.She goes to a year round school as they call it. Her summer break is short. So we are open a short period.Saturday will be our last day open.



Early end for us.

 It is hard to believe that summer break is almost over for my little girl.I do not know about her,but it has been one of the hardest;longest day,but greatest summers of my life.

 I have watched my little girl learn so much, about the cycle of life in the garden. Also, a whole lot about people from the customers.She has learned about business as well.

 Her banker came by this week. Yes, her banker. The bank manager and a teller came by to see her operation.That made an eight year olds day!A woman who works at RSU collage told her she was going to tell the people who put on a garden show on their T.V. station about her. That gave her the big head. I hope that does not happen, she will think she is a T.V. star!

 We made good picks for our tomatoes, because here at 100 degree days we still have plenty of tomatoes.  


Starting on next year

 We are already starting on next years garden. We have found out many things ,such as what sells,did we grow enough, & what things customers want

  We have already made a list for next year.**If anyone reading wants to see something in the market let us know.***

 Since we are only open during the summer school break this year we are getting ready to pull plants soon so we can add compost and organic rock minerals.Get rid of weeds and plant clover for the fall.

 We are doubling the veggie garden also. So the new area has to be plowed and tilled.Then the all important soil test.

First open season lessons

 This first season open, we have learned a lot about people! There is nothing more to say.And it has been hard to listen to tall tells of old men who think it is a hang out not a business.Though if you listen you find a little truth is some of these tales.

 We had a lot of people with home gardens early in  the season, who wanted to see if we really grew our produce,because theirs was not in or blooming yet.And as theirs came in they would buy less saying my squash is in now so I do not need that.I now have tomatoes etc.They wanted to know where we got certain seed and my secrets for first of June ripe Tomatoes.

 One mistake was trying to help the low income. It hurt us.You see there is another farmer down the road who everyone knows and my customers go there too! They pay more there than they do at my place.So next year we will not sell yellow squash and zucchini for .70 cents a pound,$1.50 lbs for okra,$1.50 for cantaloupes, .90 cents lbs. for tomatoes.Not trying to be bitter,just learned it did not give us an edge on local loyalty.

 The best thing I bought ,but late; was a drive way alarm this week.I now can go inside when it is slow and"HOT"!


Anyone even read This?

 I was wondering if I should even post to this blog?Does anyone read it?


 Gophers, have been a problem this year.We lost 98% of our cucumber plants. I have trapped 3 so far. It is hurting our cucumber sales. We planted more ,but they will not be ready in time for our season. We are only open on the period of time my daughter is out of school.

 I'm going to add this; Does any one even read my ramblings? Have we even gotten any customers from this web page? 


Learning to Hoe

 Well, I decided to teach my little girl to hoe today.We had some rows newly planted crops to replace earlier crops from the spring. She took to it pretty well. She only whacked a few squash plants as she was trying to get close to the plants bases.

 She got mad about earlier this year I waited to weed after the plants were to big to hoe and had to be  hand pulled.I reminded her that that was not done on purpose,but that was working a job and too much rain.It was also nice the cold front we have had the last few days.

 So far this summer has been hot& humid, but the best summer of my life.I have really enjoyed working with my daughter this spring and summer. I have taught her all i know and we have learned so much togeather.


Too Many Tomatoes

I think we over planted, tomatoes with over 400 plants.We have been reducing the prices and killing our customers with the deals. But they can only eat so many.

  We where lucky we have had ripe tomatoes since June. Now I think the home gardeners have theirs coming in now. So, the local shelter is happy with our donation of tomatoes.


Still Learning

 We are still learning what our customers want. Also what sells and does not. How much of each item we need.

 It is a lot different selling from the farm. People stay longer and build a small relationship with you. They like going and seeing how their food is grown. Also we have a lot of retired people  who just want some one to talk to. This has both pro and cons , I will say nothing more.

 We had a few people who want to know why we are so cheap! I think we have a fair price for our neighborhood. We are in an older side of town and most of our neighbors are all on fixed incomes.I think we are a help and that makes me happy. We have had a few things left over and we take that to a local shelter. I want my daughter to learn charity and not to waste good food,but share the blessing.We pick fresh every morning.


Great Week

 It has been a great week for us and I want to thank each and everyone who stopped by.We started slow,but Saturday was a sell out!

 We see we are going to need to expand the garden already for next year.This also means Lillian and I are going to have to work even harder.This is going to be tough if it stays this hot (heat index 100 all week).

The bell peppers came in and they were a big hit. They sold out each day.I have won over a lot of people to Alpha-beta cucumbers also.

 People have loved seeing were their food grows also, the children more than the adults.The bee hives were a big hit to the kids also.I think on farm sales are much more educational to children, than a visit to a farmers market. Also I do not have to raise prices to cover Farmers Market fees and not told what price range I have to be in. I can sell below grocery store prices and sell natural grown healthy food to my community and help the pockets of my customers.



Opening Day.

 First I just want to say thank you to all who came by today.I think I'm going to like selling from our city urban farm and not packing up and setting up at a farmers market . My daughter agrees and like home being there so she can use her bathroom.Her quote

 We had a few tomatoes ripe enough for selling,but most will be a week away.Yellow and zucchini squash was a big hit.A few were willing to try the Magda squash. The big hit was the Alpha beta cucumbers and Persian cucumbers. My middle east friends bought them all.

 In about a week we should have our green beans and bell peppers, plus a steady supply of tomatoes coming in.The diva cucumbers  and okra are maybe two weeks off.And next month for the cantaloupes and water melons.  .


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