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Cooking grass fed beef

Hi all fellow foodies!!  Since all beef is NOT created equal, I'm going to give some tips on cooking 100% grass fed beef (this only applies to 100% grass fed beef). Not the organic stuff they call grass fed that is sent to a feedlot and stuffed with organic corn to "finish" it out.

1. Lower the temperature- I cannot stress this enough, you wouldnt believe how many people I hear say our meat delicious when they eat it in our home... then they take it home and  blast it in the oven or grill and say its tough. Grass Fed beef is leaner and requires a lower temperature remember the 50/50 rule. 50 degrees lower for 50% of the time. The more cooked it is, the less CLAs and Omega 3's there are (which is why you bought it in the first place).

2. Start your meat at room temperature. This will ensure that you are not over cooking it to get it "done".

3. Let it sit- Let your grass fed beef sit at least 10 minutes before serving, this allows the meat to continue cooking and gives it time to retain all the yummy juices.

4. If ever in doubt use a thermometer, cooking temperatures vary for grass fed beef.


med rare-125F


med well-135F


I would never recommend a well done steak, but if that is what you like well don't let me stop you.

Happy Trails!!

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