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A challenging summer

We know everyone has heard the stories of this summers drought and the challenges in farming in conditions like this.  As a small farm we have certainly had our own challenges this year.  One thing we hear from a lot of our customers is "what can we do to help?"...  so here are our thoughts for everyone who loves local food.


  1. Buy US grown food.  Support the US farmers that have been able to bring in a crop and get it to market.  Given that the "breadbasket of the world" is under drought this year - consider that the US farmer is a "local farmer". 
  2. Support local farms. Get to a farmers market or a road side stand.  Support those farmers with your hard earned dollars because chances are they worked even harder to put that pile of fresh picked corn out for you!
  3. Buy more local meat than ever before. Yes that sounds crazy but that can help small farmers over the coming grain price and hay price pinch by getting their animals off the pastures and into your freezers.  It can help you by having bought low and eaten high.
  4. Don't complain about the rising prices. Everyone is feeling the squeeze and most farmers are not looking to gouge you, they are looking to make a decent living by providing you wholesome food.
We share our experiences with the weather and other challenges of the small farm life in our weekly farming podcast.  We also try to offer a taste of how we do things through our farmstead website and all the social media links found there.



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If you are a consumer, a farmer or even a farm dreamer - we hope there's something in each episode for each of you. 


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