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Fish in a Bag Soap!

This is a great project to do with the kids! It is so easy and you won't believe the double takes you get when folks walk by. They look so life like! We make these to sell and it is one of our party on the farm activities. This is a clear melt and pour soap! We leave them unscented, scents will alter the color. It really encourages kids to wash and wash and wash, just to get to the fish! We make 10 at a time, so we use a dowel rod and rest it on two salt containers. I tape the dowel on so it does not roll off.( If making one soap use two glasses ,bag in the middle and attach with two pins ,one on each glass). Then we attach a clear birthday bag with a close pin, leaving the bag resting a bit on the counter. Melt the soap, pour 2.5 oz. in bag (I use a funnel) spritz with alcohol (this will get rid of bubbles) wait until it sets Maybe 30 min.. Place fish in bag pour remainder soap (I adjust fish with a skewer) tie with a twist tie while it is liquid and hang back up to harden. That’s it! Picture is of first stage before second pour.  


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